Shiv Shakti Tanks & Vessels

Power Transformers

Transformer with rating 5MVA and above 33kV voltage class is normally known as Power Transformers and is installed in Substations with various protective devices.

Distribution Transformers

Smaller ratings upto 5 MVA and Voltage range upto 33 KV. Normally connected to Power Transformer Grid lines to distribute to load centers. Very small rating upto 100 KVA, 11 KV are mounted on pole to supply lighting and other domestic load. Above 160 KVA to 2000 KVA are normally for Catering to Industrial load or large Town ship / Mall load

Dry Type Transformers

These are basically distribution transformers. Dry type transformers are preferred to oil cooled transformer, in place where there is fire hazards e.g. thickly dense area like Big-Store, Multistory Building, theatres etc.

Core Frames for Transformers

These are basically used in distribution & power transformers for using core (coil) support . ( Channel frame, Plate Frame & End Frames Etc.)

All Kind of Heavy Industrial Fabrication & Railway works

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