Varun Scrap suppliers

We buy & Sale Ferrous Materials & Non-Ferrous Materials

  • Range of Copper

    Shiny Bright

    A1 Copper

    Copper Solids

    Copper Tin

    Copper Mix

    Copper Shavings

    PVC Copper and more

  • Brass

    Heavy Brass

    Light Brass

    Brass Shavings

  • Aluminium

    All Extrusions

    All Old Rolled

    All Cast

  • Stainless Steel

    All kinds of S/S such as:




    Surgical and more

  • Tungsten

    Mining Tungsten

    Tungsten Tooling

    Tungsten Wear parts clean

  • Heavy Steel

    Heavy Steel

  • Mild Steel

    Big and small

  • Gun Metal

  • Tin

  • Zink

  • Lead

  • Sick Unit (Plants & Machinery)